Anti Mullerian Hormone Test is used to check a woman’s ability to produce eggs that can be fertilised. Same-Day or Next-Day results!


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What is AMH?

To many, ‘AMH’ may first come across as complex medical jargon. Yet, in more straightforward terms, Anti-Mullerian Hormone acts as a vital signpost within our bodies. For women, it offers precious information regarding our ovarian reserve or “egg stock”.


Imagine a large library full of books, symbolising the diverse quantity of eggs in various women. The Anti-Mullerian Hormone allows a glimpse into this ‘egg library’, showcasing the possibly remaining eggs, crucial for family planning or understanding certain health conditions.


For men, the significance of the Anti-Mullerian Hormone is during prenatal development. It’s fascinating to observe the diverse roles this hormone plays between the genders.


When we discuss the AMH blood test, it’s a straightforward affair: a modest blood sample unveils essential information about one’s reproductive well-being. Recognising AMH levels is vital when gauging potential fertility, assisting health experts in proposing tailored solutions.


Grasping the essence of AMH is critical. Whether you’re contemplating the test or simply curious, every detail helps demystify our body’s workings.

What is the AMH Test?

The AMH test – sounds rather technical, doesn’t it? Well, let me peel back the layers For some, the AMH examination might appear technical. However, when broken down, it offers an enthralling perspective on female fertility. At its core lies the Anti-Mullerian Hormone.

Predominantly present in ovarian follicles in women, AMH offers an unparalleled perspective into a woman’s ovarian reserve. The AMH concentrations in the bloodstream suggest the quantity of eggs left in a woman’s ovaries.

The Anti-Mullerian Hormone Test is more than just a medical procedure. It provides a deep dive into reproductive health. While AMH originates from ovarian follicles, the test itself probes further, emphasising the evaluation of a woman’s ovarian reserves.

It’s crucial to acknowledge that a singular test can’t relay the entirety of one’s health story. However, the AMH test provides an essential chapter in a woman’s reproductive narrative.

Benefits of Hormone Testing London

Navigating the serpentine corridors of the medical world can sometimes feel akin to deciphering an ancient script. Yet, every so often, we stumble upon a compass, a beacon, something that unveils a clearer path. The AMH blood test is one such compass.


  • Precise Ovarian Reservoir Insight:

Treading beyond the superficial, the AMH test London Blood Tests offers plunges into the profound depths of a woman’s ovarian reserve. It doesn’t just glance; it gazes, providing a meticulously detailed tableau of how many eggs might still be awaiting their ovulatory debut.


  • Invaluable for Fertility Protocols:

For those embarking on the voyage of assisted reproductive technologies, such as IVF, this test emerges as a lighthouse. It helps clinicians tailor their approach, calibrating interventions with a finesse that’s almost symphonic in its precision.


  • An Early Herald of Menopausal Onset:

Like a seasoned meteorologist predicting an impending storm, the AMH test serves as an avant-garde sentinel. It can intimate the approach of menopause years before its first whispers are even audible.


  • In-depth PCOS Assessment:

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, a complex puzzle in gynaecological circles, often remains shrouded in mystery. The precision of the Anti Mullerian Hormone test, however, pierces this veil, shedding illuminating light on the intricate details of the condition.


  • Adjuvant in Oncological Arenas:

For young souls battling the Goliath of cancer, fertility preservation becomes paramount. The AMH test emerges as a knight in shining armour, guiding oncologists in gauging ovarian function before and after treatments, helping craft strategies to preserve that precious fertility citadel.


Traversing the labyrinthine pathways of medical science can at times resemble unravelling a cryptic manuscript. But occasionally, we discover a guiding star, a luminary, that offers a clearer direction. The AMH blood test stands as that guiding star.

AMH Fertility Test @ London Blood Tests

Experiencing the AMH fertility assessment at London Blood Tests combines precise science with deep compassion. Let us lead you on this revealing path:

  • Beginning:
    Your journey starts with an extensive consultation, where our medical specialists explain the intricacies of the AMH test, addressing all questions thoroughly.
  • Preparation:
    After this, we initiate the preparations. While the AMH test doesn’t demand rigid fasting or detailed pre-test preparations, we do advise on certain dietary or lifestyle adjustments.
  • Procedure: 
    On the appointed day, our adept phlebotomist will welcome you into a serene environment. With exceptional skill, a minimal blood sample is taken.
  • Laboratory Evaluation:
    Your specimen is dispatched to our state-of-the-art lab. Here, our experienced team determines the Anti-Mullerian Hormone levels, using methods that balance precision with depth.
  • Outcomes:
    Your results are conveyed as a comprehensive account. Our clinicians will guide you through the findings, ensuring clarity and purpose in the report you obtain.

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Anti Mullerian Hormone Test – at Home Visit

In the heart of London, where history meets modernity and precision is a way of life, we at London Blood Tests understand that medical procedures, no matter how advanced, must be underpinned by the human touch. Our home-visit AMH Blood Testing procedure harmoniously blends exactitude with empathy. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown, delivered with both professionalism and warmth:


  • Initiation: 

When you reach out, we don’t just see a request; we perceive trust. Our dedicated team of nurses will engage with you, scheduling a visit that suits your availability, and ensuring every detail is catered to with utmost consideration.


  • Preparation: 

Forethought breeds comfort. As the chosen date nears, we’ll send you a thoughtful reminder and any necessary guidance. It’s our way of ensuring you’re not only informed but also at ease.


  • Timely Arrival:

True to London’s spirit, our expert phlebotomist will arrive at your doorstep right on cue. Our nurses have 10+ years of experience in the field and are GMC-registered 


  • Procedure: 

Within the comforts of your space, a swift and expert extraction of your blood sample is performed. The process of AMH blood test at London Blood Testing guarantees 100% customer satisfaction!


  • Securing the Sample: 

Once acquired, your blood sample is handled with the respect it deserves, safeguarded meticulously for its onward journey to our top-tier laboratory.


  • Analysis

In our advanced labs, your sample embarks on an intricate dance of diagnostics. Advanced machinery, operated by seasoned professionals, deciphers the Anti Mullerian Hormone tales within.


  • Results Relay: 

After the analysis of your blood sample is done, you will receive an email which includes your AMH fertility test result. You can contact us, to receive more information about your results.


At London Blood Tests, our AMH home-testing service isn’t just a procedure; it’s an experience. By balancing the sophistication of our city with the warmth of a trusted healthcare partner, we bring the clinic’s precision right to your doorstep, with the grace and class you deserve.


* Efficiency meets clinical excellence. Delve into this service for a supplementary £50.


AMH Levels UK – Explained

Ah, the complex tapestry of AMH blood test levels! It’s akin to peering into a microscopic universe, where each nuance tells a tale of reproductive potential and ovarian reserve. Let’s embark on this elucidate voyage together, delving into the subtle interplay of numbers and their profound implications.


Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) is not just another molecule. Think of it as a sentinel – a vigilant guard that provides a window into the ovarian follicle reserves. When we measure AMH, we’re essentially gauging the number of eggs awaiting their call to action within the ovaries.


Now, when you receive your AMH results, they’ll be represented as nanograms per millilitre (ng/mL). The dance between these numbers and their significance is both fascinating and multifaceted. Let’s dive into the intricacies:

  • Low AMH (< 1.0 ng/mL): A low AMH level below 1.0 can indicate a diminished ovarian reserve. In the vast landscape of ovarian potential, this suggests fewer eggs are waiting. It’s a gentle nudge, signalling that the reproductive clock’s tempo might be quickening.
  • Normal AMH (1.0 – 4.0 ng/mL): Nestled comfortably between 1.0 and 4.0, this is the realm where most women find themselves. It signifies a reassuring abundance of eggs, akin to a well-stocked library of potential life.
  • High AMH (> 4.0 ng/mL): Venturing beyond 4.0? This could indicate a greater-than-average ovarian reserve. While seemingly advantageous, it might also hint at conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Imagine a bustling metropolis of eggs, where the sheer numbers require a touch more orchestration.

Age isn’t just a chronological marker; it’s deeply intertwined with AMH. As the sands of time slip by, AMH levels naturally ebb. While AMH provides a static glimpse, age brings in a dynamic context. Combined, they offer a holistic perspective.


It’s imperative to remember that while AMH offers invaluable insights, it’s but a single note in the vast symphony of reproductive health. Other factors, like FSH levels, antral follicle count, and overall health, play their tunes in this intricate orchestration.

Navigating the mosaic of AMH levels might feel like deciphering an ancient, complex script. Yet, with each layer of understanding, clarity emerges. Consider this not just a deep dive into results, but an exploration of the profound wonders your body holds within. Armed with this knowledge, you’re no longer just a spectator but an enlightened participant in the grand theatre of reproductive health.

Did you know

What, in essence, is the AMH Blood Test?

In the cosmic theatre of reproductive health, the AMH Blood Test is like the master lens of a telescope, zooming into the ovarian universe to count the shimmering stars (eggs) that await their grand debut.

If AMH is an ovarian sentinel, can it predict my fertility future?

While AMH stands as a vigilant beacon, illuminating the ovarian landscape, it’s not an oracle. It hints at the present reserve but doesn’t foretell the entire fertility saga.

Low AMH – does it signify the end of my fertility journey?

Not quite. Think of it as a gentle murmur in the vast concerto of reproduction. It indicates fewer eggs, but quality, timing, and other bodily symphonies play crucial roles too.

High AMH - a bounteous blessing or a signal of underlying whispers like PCOS?

It's a duality. On one hand, a rich tapestry of eggs, and on the other, a potential echo of conditions like PCOS. A double-edged sword, if you will.

How does age waltz with AMH in the ballroom of fertility?

Age gracefully choreographs AMH’s fluctuations. As the calendar pages turn, AMH may ebb, but together, they paint a more holistic picture of ovarian vibrancy.

Do overweight women have low AMH test results?

Overweight women are more likely to have low AMH blood test results, having 65% lower Anti-Müllerian Hormone levels than non-obese women.

How often should I let AMH survey my ovarian landscape?

Regular check-ins are wise, especially if fertility is on your horizon. But consult your healthcare maestro to strike the right cadence for these surveys.

Can lifestyle choices sway the tales AMH tells?

As a river's course shifted by the wind and terrain, AMH can be nudged by lifestyle choices. Diet, stress, and exercise are but a few of the intricate tributaries in this narrative.

If AMH provides but a glimpse, how do I view the full fertility panorama?

AMH is a keyhole view. To gaze upon the entire scene, you'd weave in factors like medical history, other hormonal tests, and ultrasounds, creating a grand mosaic of understanding.

Is this test a clarion call only for those eyeing motherhood soon?

No, it resonates beyond. Whether charting the waters of motherhood or simply wishing to understand the intricate whispers of one's body, the AMH test sings a song for all.