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Beta HCG Test London

Beta HCG tests are used to measure the amount of beta human chorionic gonadotropin inside your blood. Same-Day results!


 *Please note that an additional £25 phlebotomy charge will be added to your bill. Free phlebotomy on orders over £300. No phlebotomy charge at the Battersea/Nine Elms location. Most competitive prices on the market!


 *Please note that if you want more than one for your appointment, you can choose an option when booking and pay for the rest in the clinic.


  • Early Pregnancy Diagnosis.
  • Diagnostic Versatility.
  • Temporal Monitorin.

What is Beta HCG?

Beta HCG, or beta-Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, is a hormone principally generated by the placental trophoblast cells following the implantation of a fertilised ovum into the womb’s lining. This chemical messenger is vital for sustaining the corpus luteum, which in turn secretes progesterone, a hormone critical for preserving the endometrial layer where the embryo anchors itself during the early phases of gestation.


Not restricted to signifying pregnancy alone, heightened Beta HCG levels can occasionally serve as indicators of certain diseases or tumours. The Beta HCG test is a go-to diagnostic tool for confirming pregnancy, and it offers a quantifiable edge over traditional urine-based tests. As such, it’s an invaluable instrument for ascertaining early pregnancy and overseeing fertility protocols.


As a biochemical signal, Beta HCG wears multiple hats. It not only reveals the signs of pregnancy status but also, rarely, indicates a variety of health abnormalities. In the tapestry of modern medical diagnostics, it remains a multi-faceted and revealing marker.

What is a Beta HCG Blood Test?

Provided by London Blood Tests, a calcium blood test serves as an indispensable instrument for evaluating the concentration of calcium present in your bloodstream. This assessment is essential for medical professionals to gauge your metabolic state and the condition of your bones, and also to identify susceptibility to diseases like osteoporosis and renal disorders. The process simply entails drawing blood from a vein.


The calcium blood test excels in its capability to swiftly identify imbalances. A calcium low blood test result might signal issues like calcium deficiency or problems with the parathyroid glands. On the other end, a blood test calcium high outcome could hint at conditions such as hyperparathyroidism. In the UK, and specifically at London Blood Tests, these calcium evaluations often form part of a more comprehensive metabolic panel, giving a well-rounded picture of a patient’s overall health.


The test is quick and minimally invasive. At London Blood Tests, a healthcare professional will collect a blood sample, typically from a vein in your arm. Once analysed in the lab, your healthcare provider will review the findings and may recommend additional diagnostics or therapeutic pathways accordingly.

Why do I Need a Beta Human Chorionic Gonadotropin test?

One of the foremost advantages of a Beta HCG blood test is its exceptional sensitivity. Capable of detecting pregnancy as early as a week post-conception, our test provides vital information when time is of the essence. If you’re undergoing fertility treatments or have a medical condition that necessitates swift confirmation of pregnancy, this test is invaluable.


While over-the-counter pregnancy tests offer a binary result, our HCG blood test at London Blood Tests goes one step further. We provide you with a quantitative measurement of the hormone level, allowing healthcare providers to better understand your specific situation. This data can help monitor the progression of a pregnancy and evaluate the success of fertility interventions.


At London Blood Tests, you’re not merely a statistic on a lab report. Our dedicated team meticulously analyses your HCG blood test results, offering specialised guidance and recommending future actions tailored to your individual healthcare journey. In a landscape where medical services can often seem detached, we stand out for our commitment to personalised care.


Whether you’re navigating the intricate journey towards becoming a parent, or simply seeking deeper understanding of your own health, our Beta HCG test provides you with detailed, trustworthy insights. Make an empowered decision for your well-being—book your Beta HCG test with London Blood Tests now!


Patients mostly come at our clinic for an HCG Blood Test because they suffer from the following symptoms:


  • Symptoms Suggesting Low Levels:


  • Spotting or Light Bleeding: Unusual bleeding might indicate potential complications.
  • Severe Abdominal Pain: Could be indicative of an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Absent or Weak Pregnancy Symptoms: Such as reduced nausea or breast tenderness.
  • No Growth in Uterine Size: Slowed or stalled growth can be a cause for concern.


  • Symptoms Suggesting High Levels:

  • Excessive Morning Sickness: Also known as hyperemesis gravidarum, may suggest higher than normal HCG.
  • Rapid Uterine Growth: A uterus that grows more quickly than expected could indicate multiple pregnancies.
  • High Blood Pressure: Early in pregnancy, this could be an indicator of a molar pregnancy.
  • Unusual Weight Gain: Especially in early pregnancy, could be a sign of a molar pregnancy.


  • Non-Pregnancy Related Symptoms:


  • Unexplained Weight Loss or Gain: Sudden changes in weight might be indicative of other health conditions, including some cancers.
  • Persistent Fatigue: Abnormally high or low Beta HCG levels might result from conditions other than pregnancy.
  • Abdominal or Pelvic Pain: In men or women, this could be a symptom of a germ cell tumour.

Benefits of Beta HCG Blood Test

Navigating through the journey of medical diagnostics can often feel confusing. Yet, one of the greatest help is the Beta HCG blood test.

Here, we listed some benefits of why should you chose an HCG blood test:


  • Early Confirmation:

The test can detect pregnancy as early as one week after conception. This speed is invaluable for individuals undergoing fertility treatments or those with medical conditions that require immediate knowledge of pregnancy status.


  • Accurate Quantification:

Unlike home pregnancy tests, which provide a binary result, the private pregnancy blood test measures specific hormone levels in the blood. This quantitative data allows healthcare providers to closely monitor pregnancy progression and adjust treatments as necessary.


  • Diagnostic Versatility:

Beyond pregnancy, elevated Beta HCG levels can indicate other health issues, such as cysts or certain types of cancer. Thus, the test serves multiple diagnostic purposes.


  • Temporal Monitoring:

The test isn’t a one-time procedure; its value lies in repeated measurements over time. This ongoing monitoring provides healthcare professionals with vital information on the viability and health of a pregnancy.


  • Stepping Stone to Further Testing:

Abnormal Beta HCG levels can prompt further examinations like ultrasounds, providing a holistic approach to patient care. Book a private HCG blood test near me!

Private Pregnancy Blood Test @ London Blood Tests

At London Blood Tests, we aim to make the HCG blood test process as straightforward as possible while maintaining the highest standards of care. Here’s how the procedure typically goes:


  1. Make an Appointment

Simply use our online platform to choose a date and time that works best for you.


  1. Pre-Test Meeting

Before the test, a healthcare professional will discuss your medical history and any medications you’re currently taking to ensure the test’s accuracy.


  1. Blood Draw

During your appointment, one of our skilled phlebotomists will take a blood sample. We aim to make this process quick and as comfortable as possible.


  1. Lab Analysis

Your blood sample is then sent to our advanced lab for detailed testing. Our technicians will measure the Beta HCG levels in your blood to provide accurate results.


  1. Receive Results

Once the test is complete, we’ll send your results to you electronically to ensure speed and confidentiality.


  1. Follow-Up Consultation

Lastly, you’ll have a follow-up meeting to discuss the results and any next steps that may be needed based on those results.


Our goal is to provide you with clear, actionable insights into your health. Book your beta hcg blood test near me today to take an important step in understanding your well-being.

Home HCG Blood Test

At London Blood Tests, we bring the clinic to you—literally. For a small additional fee of £25, we offer at-home or hotel room blood draws in Central London. Here’s how this convenient service works:


  1. Opt for At-Home Service

When setting up your appointment through our online portal, you’ll have the choice to opt for an at-home service. Simply choose a time that fits into your schedule.


  1. We Confirm, You Prepare

Once your appointment is booked, we’ll send a confirmation email, followed by a call to tie up any loose ends and confirm the details. That way, you’ll know who is coming and when.


  1. Expect a Doorbell Ring

Our skilled phlebotomist arrives at your specified location in Central London, fully equipped with all the sterile supplies needed for a safe procedure.


  1. Verifying and Explaining

Upon arrival, your phlebotomist will verify your ID and go through the required forms with you. They’ll also walk you through the process to put any concerns you might have to rest.


  1. The Quick and Gentle Blood Draw

Our well-trained phlebotomist will then carry out the blood draw professionally, ensuring minimal discomfort to you.


  1. Careful Sample Handling

After collecting the blood sample, we store it in a specialised, sterile container. This ensures it remains uncompromised on its journey back to our lab.


  1. Analysing in the Lab

The sample makes its way back to our lab, where our experienced technicians conduct the necessary tests to provide you with accurate and trustworthy results.


  1. Results Sent Securely

As soon as the lab finishes the analysis, we’ll forward the results to you securely via email, so you can check them at your own convenience.


  1. Let’s Discuss

A healthcare provider will contact you to arrange a discussion about your results, providing expert insights and suggesting next steps based on your individual health scenario.


Experience the quality and reliability of our clinic, all without stepping out of your home or hotel room. Book your at-home blood draw today!

Results – Explained


  • Less than 5 mIU/mL: Early Days or Not Pregnant

Levels below 5 mIU/mL generally mean you’re not pregnant or it’s too early for detection. A retest in a few days may offer different results.


  • 25 mIU/mL and Above: Likely Pregnant

If you have Beta HCG levels of 25 mIU/mL or higher, it usually indicates pregnancy. However, further medical consultation is recommended for confirmation.


  • 1,200 to 1,600 mIU/mL: Time for an Ultrasound

When levels fall within this range, it’s typically possible to see a gestational sac through ultrasound, providing more tangible confirmation of a pregnancy.


  • Higher Than Normal: Multiple Factors at Play

Elevated levels could suggest multiple pregnancies or, in rarer cases, a molar pregnancy. Immediate medical advice is needed.


  • Lower Than Expected: Cause for Monitoring

If your levels are lower than expected for the stage of your pregnancy, it could indicate complications like ectopic pregnancy or miscarriage, warranting further tests.


Understanding your Beta HCG levels isn’t just for pregnancy confirmation; it offers valuable insights into your reproductive and overall health. They can flag potential issues that may need medical attention, making them a critical aspect of your healthcare journey. Always consult with a healthcare provider for accurate interpretation and personalised advice.

Did you know

What is Beta HCG?

Beta Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (Beta HCG) is a hormone produced during pregnancy. Its levels can also be an indicator of certain medical conditions.

How is the Beta HCG test performed?

A Beta HCG test is a simple blood test. London Blood Tests' trained nurses draw a small amount of blood, which is then sent to a lab for analysis.

Can medications affect Beta HCG levels?

Certain medications, especially fertility treatments, can influence Beta HCG levels. Always disclose any medications you're taking to your healthcare provider.

Is Beta HCG present in men?

While rare, elevated levels of Beta HCG in men could indicate testicular cancer or other medical conditions.

How reliable is a Beta HCG test?

The test is highly accurate when performed correctly and interpreted by medical professionals.

Is Beta HCG present in men?

While rare, elevated levels of Beta HCG in men could indicate testicular cancer or other medical conditions.

Can I take this test at home?

There are at-home pregnancy tests that detect HCG in urine, but they are generally less accurate than blood tests. For a conclusive result, a blood test is recommended.

What should I do if my Beta HCG levels are abnormal?

If your levels are abnormal, further investigation is required. Your healthcare provider may recommend additional tests or imaging studies.

Can Beta HCG testing detect Down syndrome?

While not definitive, elevated levels of Beta HCG can be one of several indicators suggesting an increased risk of Down syndrome. However, other tests are needed for diagnosis.

What do high levels of Beta HCG indicate?

High levels could signify a molar pregnancy, multiple pregnancies, or even some types of cancer. Consult a healthcare provider for a more accurate diagnosis.

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