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Cystatin C Test London

Please note the results will be available within 5 days due to the complexity of the sample.

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Cystatin C Biomarker Test

A Cystatin C test measures the amount of Cystatin C in blood to help diagnose any kidney complication. It can be used to calculate your glomerular filtration rate (GFR). Kidney disease symptoms include weight loss, poor appetite, signs of oedema, shortness of breath, tiredness, blood in urine, itchy skin, and others.

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Instant Cystatin C Test

The cystatin C test is a blood test used to assess kidney function. Cystatin C is a protein produced by cells throughout the body at a constant rate, and it is filtered out of the blood by the kidneys. Therefore, its levels in the blood can be used as a marker of how well your kidneys are functioning.

Private Cystatin C Test

You can book a Cystatin C Test online and come give your samples to any of our private.

Did you know?

What is Cystatin C and why is it important in the body?

Cystatin C is a protein found in a variety of body fluids, such as the blood. It’s produced, filtered from the blood by the glomeruli, clusters of tiny blood cells in the kidneys that allow water, dissolved substances, and wastes to pass through their walls while retaining blood cells and proteins. After that, they’re broken down at a constant rate and it doesn’t return to the blood.

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What are the factors that change the level of Cystatin C?

Factors that increase Cystatin C are obesity, alcohol, smoking, genetics, aging, chronic inflammation, and many others. Factors that decrease Cystatin C are hypothyroidism, bladder cancer, and genetics.

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How to treat kidney issues?

Kidney issues can be treated with the right medication, but it’s also based on your lifestyle and Diet. So, a renal diet should do its thing and also exercise, lose weight, quit drinking alcohol, and stop smoking. London Blood Tests offers its best services, so please if you’re in need of a Cystatin C test, book a blood test.

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