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Luteinizing Hormone Biomarker Test

A Luteinizing Hormone biomarker test is used to measure the amount of luteinizing hormone (LH) in your blood, and if the results are abnormal, there could be signs of serious diseases. Normally doctors book an LH test as a check for a pituitary gland problem, which symptoms include fatigue, weakness, decreased appetite, and others.


London Blood Tests offers its best services for LH testing for those that might fit into the symptoms presented.

Instant Luteinizing Hormone Test

Luteinizing Hormone testing in our clinic, London Blood Tests is done by taking a blood sample from you and inserting it into our special machine DCS1000 where you get results within 60 minutes. If you are within the healthy parameter you don’t need to do another test, but if you fit within the unhealthy parameter, you will need another blood test.

Private Luteinizing Hormone Test

You can book a glycosylated hemoglobin test online and come give your samples to any of our private clinics.

What is Luteinizing Hormone and why is it important in the body

Luteinizing Hormone helps your reproductive system, meaning it helps women’s ovaries and men’s testes. Luteinizing Hormone is made in the pituitary gland, which is about the size of a pea and sits behind your nose.


LH testing for women mostly stands for patients that are unable to get pregnant, have irregular periods, and confirm the start of menopause.


For men, LH testing is mostly needed when patients’ symptoms are low sex drive, low testosterone levels, or low muscle mass.

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Did you know

Kids may need an LH test?

LH test is used to check the state of puberty in your child. Whether there are high Luteinizing Hormone test results which may be signs of a disorder of the central nervous system or a brain injury if a girl has a high LH test result before the age of 9 and a boy has it before the age of 10.


Low Luteinizing Hormone test results for kids may be a sign of delayed puberty. Delayed puberty may be caused by disorders of the ovaries or testicles, Turner syndrome for girls, an infection, Klinefelter’s syndrome for boys, an eating disorder, and others.

What are the normal levels of Luteinizing Hormone test results?

Normal Luteinizing Hormone test results depend on your sex and your age.

For women, normal results are between 0.61 to 56.6 IU/L, depending on the phase of their menstrual cycle.

For men, the normal range is 1.24-7.8 IU/L.

For kids, normal levels should be very low.

London Blood Tests offers high-class blood testing for Luteinizing Hormone