Serum Amyloid Alpha Test London

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Serum Amyloid Alpha Biomarker Test

An SAA test is intended for in vitro quantities of Serum Amyloid Alpha determination in serum, plasma, and blood. Also, it is used as an index for infection diagnosis.


London Blood Tests offers its best services to test SAA levels in your body, so please book one of our blood tests if you find the including symptoms, swollen feet, peeing less, chronic diarrhea, enlarged liver, nausea, vomiting, low blood pressure, and many others.

Instant Serum Amyloid Alpha Test

SAA test in our clinic, London Blood Tests is done by taking a blood sample from you and inserting it in our special machine DCS1000 where you get results within 60 minutes. If you are within the healthy parameter you don’t need to do another test, but if you fit within the unhealthy parameter, you will need another blood test.

What is Serum Amyloid Alpha and why is it important in the body

Serum Amyloid Alpha is an acute phase protein expressed primarily in the liver in response to various injuries, infections, and other inflammations. Its role is not exactly certain but Serum Amyloid Alpha mostly has a role in cholesterol metabolism and transport, and it’s also viewed as a modulator of inflammatory processes.

Private Serum Amyloid Alpha Test

You can book an SAA test online and come give your samples to any of our private clinics.

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Did you know

What causes Serum Amyloid Alpha abnormalities?

Abnormalities of Serum Amyloid Alpha contain conditions such as certain blood cancers, bacterial infections from diseases like chronic ulcers to rheumatic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, or from inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease.

Serum Amyloid Alpha abnormalities are curable?

By treating inflammatory conditions that do abnormalities for Serum Amyloid Alpha, you can also cure them. But first, if you need an SAA test, book one from our clinic, London Blood Tests