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Iain Johnstone-google-profile-picture Iain Johnstone
7 months ago
Consistently pleasant and helpful and considerate
Dianne Ralston-google-profile-picture Dianne Ralston
9 months ago
Great chemist staff are very helpful.
claire strathern-google-profile-picture claire strathern
about 1 year ago
"> Do not bother with using this pharmacy! Called over 30 times and no answer, this has happened on multiple occasions and when I eventually go into the pharmacy the response is "oh the phones aren't working" if they don't work get them fixed!! What if someone who was bed bound needed to call and order their prescription how on earth are they meant to get their medication! Absolutely shocking!!!!
Carol Reid-google-profile-picture Carol Reid
about 1 year ago
Great service lovely staff very helpful
Colin Young-google-profile-picture Colin Young
over 1 year ago
I am in great need for my tablets by monday I will have no tablets left this is a life threatening situation to be in just becase someone can't be bothered to answer the pone.
big thank you

"> sorry but I don't appreciate being on the phone for over an hour a day for a week and still not getting to order my prescription. today i tried again only this time they thought that they had hung up the phone when I was still on the phone when i heard one person saying to someone else "to pickup the phone and put it down if you don't want to answer it" for all the time it takes to reorder a prescription. I am in great need for my tablets by monday I will have no tablets left this is a life t... More

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