Cancer Markers Screen Profile

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London Cancer Markers Screen Profile


The Cancer Marker Screen Profile is a blood test package offered at London Blood Tests. The blood testlooks for cancer markers in the blood, which can be an indicator if someone should pursue further medical examinations for a potentially malignant tumour.


This blood test gives a thorough analysis of 12 different cancer markers so that individuals and their respective doctors may have the most accurate information on which to base any necessary decisions or treatments. Doctor-ordered blood tests offer important insight and information, and this package from London Blood Tests can provide valuable answers when it comes to suspected malignancies or further research in general.


The Cancer Marker tests include the following cancer markers:



Cancer Marker Screen Profile at Home Test

If necessary, London Blood Tests can provide a Cancer Marker Screen Profile test package by sending one of our phlebotomists to your preferred location (home or hotel) to collect your blood sample at an additional cost.

Private Cancer Marker Screen Profile Test

You can book a Cancer Marker Screen Profile test package online and give your sample to one of our private clinics in Central London where our medical professionals will examine your blood sample and send the results via email within 24 hours of the sample being taken.

Did you know

What are the included Cancer Markers?

Cyfra 21-1 is a panel of specialized enzyme tests designed to detect and diagnose cancer in the oesophagus, lungs and bladder.


NMP22 is a type of diagnostic test used to detect bladder cancer. It is a highly sensitive, non-invasive biomarker-based assay that identifies the presence of a protein found in the urine of people with bladder cancer.


NSE, or Neuron-Specific Enolase, is a glycolytic enzyme produced predominantly by neuronal and neuroendocrine cells in the body.


Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) testing is a commonly used test in men to detect prostate cancer. It measures the amount of PSA in the blood.


CEA, or carcinoembryonic antigen, is typically used to detect cancer. It can be found in all sorts of areas of the body and is produced by normal as well as abnormal cells.


CA 50 (Bladder, Colon I TAT 5 days) is a uterine cancer marker test that can detect the presence of tumour markers produced by cancerous cells in the body.


CA 19-9 is a biomarker used in tests to detect the presence of cancer. It is typically used as an indicator for pancreatic cancer, colorectal cancer, stomach cancer and gastrointestinal (GI) cancers.


S100 Malignant Melanoma is a type of cancer that affects the cells in the skin, lungs, brain, liver, bone, and intestine.


AFP, or Alpha-fetoprotein, is a blood test that measures the level of the AFP protein in an individual's serum.


Squamous cell carcinoma, also known as SCC, is a type of cancer associated with the head and neck, lungs, oesophagus, cervix and bronchus.


CA125, also known as Cancer Antigen 125, is an important biomarker used to help detect and monitor many types of cancer.


Why should you book a Cancer Marker Screen Profile test?

Although cancer blood markers are always fluctuating, the Cancer Marker Screen Profile offered by London Blood Tests can provide a comprehensive view of your general health. The blood test profile covers twelve blood tests that measure different blood biomarkers associated with various types of cancer, such as prostate cancer and ovarian cancer.


With this early detection tool, you can be aware of any critical signs that could suggest an elevated risk of developing certain forms of cancer and take appropriate preventive measures in response. Early detection offers significantly better chances for recovery and prevention of further illness or spread.


Booking your blood test package from London Blood Tests gives you access to the most up-to-date methods in blood testing for cancer markers to keep you informed about your health with unparalleled accuracy!


What are the most frequent symptoms that require a Cancer Marker Screen Profile?


A cancer marker screen profile blood test package provides an extensive range of tests to identify and track blood markers that are specific to certain types of cancers.


It is important for any person experiencing concerning symptoms, such as


Additionally, those with a family history of cancer are encouraged to consider blood testing in the London Blood Tests laboratory environment in order to detect any potential risks they may face in the future.