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Coagulation Profile 1

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About the Test

The Coagulation Profile is a comprehensive diagnostic panel of tests specifically designed to assess an individual's blood clotting function. This essential profile includes Prothrombin Time (PT), Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT), and Fibrinogen testing. These tests collectively provide valuable insights into the various aspects of the coagulation cascade, a complex process that ensures the body's ability to form blood clots to prevent excessive bleeding or inappropriate clotting.

Prothrombin Time (PT) measures the time it takes for blood to clot after the activation of specific clotting factors, primarily assessing the extrinsic and common coagulation pathways. Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT) evaluates the intrinsic and common coagulation pathways and measures the time it takes for blood to clot after specific clotting factors are activated. Fibrinogen, on the other hand, is a critical protein involved in blood clot formation, and its level in the blood is assessed to diagnose conditions such as bleeding disorders and liver disease.

The Coagulation Profile is invaluable for diagnosing and managing a wide range of coagulation disorders, including hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, and thrombosis. These tests provide essential information to healthcare professionals for accurate diagnosis and the development of appropriate treatment plans. Monitoring coagulation status through this profile is vital for ensuring the well-being of individuals with coagulation-related conditions, guiding timely interventions, and optimizing their overall health. Consulting with a healthcare provider is essential for the proper interpretation of test results and the implementation of tailored treatment strategies based on individual medical history and needs.

What's Tested?


• Prothrombin Time (PT)
• Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT)
• Fibrinogen

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