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Female Tumour Markers

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About the Test

The Female Tumour Markers Blood Test Profile is designed to assist in monitoring and detecting specific proteins that are often present in higher than normal amounts in the blood of individuals with certain types of cancers. This profile includes a panel of markers that are commonly associated with ovarian, breast, gastrointestinal, and liver cancers. It is important to note that the presence of these markers alone does not confirm a diagnosis of cancer, as levels can also be elevated due to non-cancerous conditions. This test is primarily used to evaluate treatment effectiveness and monitor for cancer recurrence.

What's Tested?

  • This test profile includes the following markers:

    • CA 15-3: Mainly used to monitor breast cancer, especially in evaluating the effectiveness of treatment and checking for recurrence.
    • CA 19-9: Often associated with pancreatic cancer, but it can also indicate other gastrointestinal cancers.
    • CA 125: Primarily used in the detection and monitoring of ovarian cancer.
    • CEA (Carcinoembryonic Antigen): Can indicate a variety of cancers including colorectal, gastrointestinal, breast, and lung cancers; used to assess treatment response and detect cancer recurrence.
    • AFP (Alpha-fetoprotein): Typically elevated in liver cancer but can also indicate other tumors including those in the ovaries and testes.

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