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Lipid Profile Test London

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London Full Lipid Profile Blood Test

Advanced Lipid Profile testing measures the amount of specific fat molecules called lipids in the blood. The profile includes four additional cholesterol testing, and it checks the levels of your triglycerides. Lipid excess in your blood can lead to blood vessels and arteries expansion which can cause serious cardiovascular issues.

A full Lipid Profile Blood Test is used for children and adults to evaluate the risk of heart disease. Heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular diseases.

The reason to book a Lipid Profile test includes: monitoring your body’s response to some kind of cholesterol medications, diagnosing liver disease, determining your state of cholesterol levels, and many others.

London Blood Tests recommends booking a blood test because your health is our number one priority, and our blood test booking clinic guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Lipid Profile at Home Test

Blood test booking clinic, London Blood Tests, provides a Lipid Profile test by sending a phlebotomist to your preferred location (home or hotel) and collecting the samples, including drawing the blood.

Importance of lipids for the body

Lipids are groups of macromolecules that are soluble in water. Their importance in your body is that they store energy, are part of structural components such as phospholipids, and prevent heat loss during the cold seasons. Some lipids are essential hormones in the body (steroid hormones).

Private Advanced Lipid Profile Test

You can book a Full Lipid Profile blood test online and give your samples to any of our private clinics.

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Results will be sent via email within 24 hours of your test(s)

Did you know?

What elements comprise Lipids?

Lipids comprise hydrogen, carbon, and a functional group of oxygen atoms (hydrophilic or hydrophobic).

Why do you need a Lipid Profile test?

Risks of cardiovascular diseases are the reasons patients book a blood test. Factors include having a high cholesterol result in previous tests, smoking cigarettes, having obesity, having diabetes or prediabetes, and Parents or siblings who developed heart diseases at an early age.

Testing your blood with a cholesterol blood profile, also known as a lipid profile or lipid panel, is important for several key reasons: cardiovascular risk assessment, monitoring treatment efficacy, guiding lifestyle modifications, early intervention, and checking Familial Hypercholesterolemia.

Our tailored tests will help you discover health insights to assess your wellbeing.

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