Procalcitonin Test London

Results will be available within 4 hours of your test(s)

*Please note that an additional £20 phlebotomy charge will be added to your bill. Free phlebotomy on orders over £300.

*Please note that if you want more than one for your appointment, you can choose an option when booking and pay for the rest in the clinic.

Procalcitonin Biomarker Test

A Procalcitonin test is used to measure the level of Procalcitonin in your blood. A Procalcitonin test is mostly needed when you’re seriously ill and the doctor thinks of a systemic infection. Symptoms of sepsis include fever or chills, confusion, extreme pain, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, low blood pressure, and others. In case of emergency, book one of our London Blood Tests clinic’s blood test for Procalcitonin.

Instant Procalcitonin Test

Procalcitonin test in our clinic, London Blood Tests is done by taking a blood sample from you and inserting it in our special machine DCS1000 where you get results within 60 minutes. If you are within the healthy parameter you don’t need to do another test, but if you fit within the unhealthy parameter, you will need another blood test.

Private Procalcitonin Test

You can book a Procalcitonin blood test online and come give your samples to any of our private clinics.

Did you know

What is Procalcitonin and why is it important in the body

Procalcitonin is a pro-hormone that is specific for bacterial infection. Being highly sensitive provides information about the risk of the presence of a bacterial infection, and also its severity.

What do results mean?

High Procalcitonin levels mean the possibility of having sepsis, or systemic bacterial infection.

Moderate Procalcitonin levels mean the possibility of early stages of sepsis, kidney infections for kids or tissue damage from trauma, severe burns, severe heart attack, and others.

There are no risks during a Procalcitonin test?

Procalcitonin level testing has almost no risks except for a slight pain or a bruising spot where the blood sample was extracted.